May 11, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to cushions, we've got you covered with three choices: premium foam, down, and trillium. Although you can't go wrong with any of them, the type of fill can impact your comfort and the way your sofa or daybed looks in your space. All three options are meant to last for years with proper care and maintenance. 

Willow bench

Willow Daybed made with premium foam fill, photo courtesy CID

Wallace u shape sofa

Wallace U-shape with down fill, photo by Zeke Ruelas for Architectural Digest


Premium foam is our base-grade option on any sofa or daybed, but this foam is anything but basic! We use a 3.0 high resilience medium density foam, meant to last for years of everyday use. Butt prints, be gone! Premium foam is also commercial grade, favored by interior designers for office and residential spaces. 

Premium foam is our firmest option, recommended for upright sitters and backs that need a little extra support. These cushions have a little bounce to them too, so they're cushy enough to cuddle without absorbing you into your sofa. 

Duane sofa made for Heidi Caillier with premium foam cushions

Duane sofa made with premium foam, photo courtesy of Heidi Caillier


Premium foam cushions need virtually no upkeep - they stay taut and polished without fluffing, although we recommend rotating and/or flipping them every now and then to ensure they keep their shape over time. All of our cushions are upholstered on both sides for easy maintenance. 

Natalie Myers mid-century custom sofa

Photo courtesy Natalie Myers and Phoebe Joy Photography

Mid-century styles and tufted cushions are traditionally filled with foam to achieve clean, sharp lines. If you want the least amount of maintenance and the cleanest look, premium foam is your new best friend.


Paloma sofa made with down fill, design by Rosa Beltran


Classic sofa connoisseurs rejoice - down fill has been used for centuries and is still loved today here at Clad Home. This fill has proven the test of time, and with regular maintenance, so will your sofa cushions!

Our down fill is made of a 90% goose feather, 10% goose down blend for a supportive cushion experience. Seat cushions include a foam core so you don't sink through your sofa, encased in a down and feather blend envelope. 

Lindley Sofa

Lindley sofa with down fill, design by Rosa Beltran Design


It's normal for feathers to occasionally escape their cushions with down fill, so if you find one poking through every now and then, don't panic. Our cushions inserts are designed to envelop the down fill tightly, so a few feathers here and there are just signs of normal wear. We overstuff our cushions at the factory with the expertise that the fibers will relax a bit over time, so if your sofa arrives and looks bulbous or a little lumpy, sit on it for a few weeks. We make sofas that last you years, not just the first few days.

Down cushions do get rumpled after you sit on them, and wrinkles are part of the look. Your cushions aren't going to look like a catalog photo because they're meant to be lived in. We recommend fluffing after every use to maintain a polished look over time and avoid the dreaded sofa-sag. Our down cushions are durable, but they're not indestructible. Take care of them and they'll take care of you!

Rosa Beltran's trillium fill Catalina in Better Homes & Gardens


The most common question we hear at Clad is, "What is trillium?" Trillium is a long-lasting polyester fill that mimics the luxurious feel of down. We highly recommend trillium for those with allergies or feather aversion, and to be honest, trillium is just downright comfortable! Visitors to our Melrose showroom choose trillium almost twice as often as down.

Hewitt sectional

Hewitt return sectional with trillium fill, design by Rosa Beltran Design

Giving sofa sitters that classic hug-you-back sofa feel, trillium is cozy and luxurious. "Who needs a boyfriend when you have a trillium fill sofa?" says our showroom manager Eve. "This is as cuddly as it gets." 

Sarah Sherman Samuel designed our Sherwood sofa for her home
Sherwood sofa with trillium fill, photo courtesy Sarah Sherman Samuel

When designer Sarah Sherman Samuel was creating her Sherwood sofa with us, she said, "One key component I knew not to pass up was the Trillium Fill option. The cushions weigh a ton but that is what makes them something you want to dive into." Seat cushions are made like down, with a foam core and an envelope of soft trillium, and back cushions are 100% trillium. 


Trillium mimics down in both feel and look, so wrinkles are again part of the look. Fluffing is essential maintenance to keep the cushions from sagging, but they're going to look lived-in just like down. Look no further than the most renowned design magazines for inspiration - even Misty Copeland is rocking a wrinkly sofa on her cover of Architectural Digest.

Misty Copeland's lived-in sofa on the cover of Architectural Digest, space designed by Brigette Romanek
Lived-in down fill on the cover of Elle Decor, by Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle.

Demi Moore's wrinkled cushions in Architectural Digest

Mandy Moore's lumpy-chic sofa in Architectural Digest, space designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel