Introducing Clad Home's New Quick Ship Furniture Collection!

Rosa Beltran
Introducing Clad Home's New Quick Ship Furniture Collection!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new collection of thoughtfully curated QUICK SHIP sofas, all custom made right here in Los Angeles and shipped to you for FREE in 4-6 weeks (or less!) 

Quite simply, we're bringing back pre-pandemic pricing and pre-pandemic lead times

We all watched as order lead times and the cost of just about everything crept up and up these past few years. We grumbled about it right along with you and we all wondered if and when we'd ever see the end of it.

Clad Home was founded in 2015 on the belief that high quality custom furniture should be more available, to more people, at a truly affordable and accessible price point. As an interior designer, Rosa's goal was to offer everyone the same level of customization, design flexibility, and heirloom quality furniture previously reserved for the clients of high-end designers. 

To guarantee a truly ethical and high quality product Clad Home furniture has always been made with love right here in Los Angeles, where we can pay the utmost attention to worker and environmental conditions, living wages, a small carbon footprint, and on-the-ground quality control: these are the maxims we live by.

Our business model served us well during the pandemic years when other furniture suppliers making goods in far off places simply could not keep their supply chains going. You turned to Clad Home and we delivered! But we weren't immune to the rocketing cost of goods and supply chain bottlenecks, and we'll be the first to admit that our lead times and our prices rose higher than we were comfortable with. Trust us when we tell you that we've been looking for ways to bring them down ever since. 

So here it is! A brand new collection of Quick Ship sofas and sectionals that offers it ALL. Still custom-built from scratch by our artisans right here in LA. Still the same Clad Home quality you've come to know and trust. We've included some of your favorite Clad Home classics in this collection (like the Agoura and the Hewitt), and we've add some new styles as well (check out the Ollie and the Allister.) Best of all, we've managed to cut our lead time AND bring back our old, lower prices (an accomplishment that not many brands can claim right now.)

Our Quick Ship sofas are available in 6 footprints, a dozen sizes, and more than 100 high performance fabrics. We've streamlined the online options offered with Quick Ship sofas so that we can build and ship them out to you more quickly. But as always we are here to help if you want to go beyond what you see on our website. Everything that was available to you before is still an option! Simply shoot us an email we'll gladly send you a quote.

We think you'll LOVE this new way to receive your Clad Home furniture faster AND spend less. What's not to love about that?!

 For the MOST custom options, the HIGHEST quality, and the LOWEST prices anywhere, it's always Clad Home.