Custom Concierge Program

Our Custom Concierge service is for anyone wanting to go beyond the wide array of offerings that are readily available on our website. Going custom used to be kind of a scary proposition, but not any longer. As a company founded by an interior designer who wanted to take the guesswork out of fine custom furniture, Clad Home is here to make custom EASY.

We pride ourselves on being the only furniture company to offer our customers a truly custom product at a truly affordable price point. Our online sofa customizer gives you dozens of ways to customize your dream sofa to your heart's content (read our ordering guide for our tips and tricks)

If you need further customization, that's where our Custom Concierge service comes in. A $500 concierge fee pairs you with a dedicated furniture designer to walk you through every step of the custom furniture design and ordering process.  You get to run all of your ideas by us and benefit from our furniture design expertise, our professional feedback and advice, and our help implementing any special customizations that your order requires.

We know that sofas are a big ticket item and a long term investment, not some casual "one size fits all" purchase. We also know that you will live with your heirloom quality Clad Home sofa for many years to come, and we think your sofa should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around!

*Prices and lead times may vary for more complex orders.