The Goods

All our furniture is designed by us and crafted by our artisans right here in Los Angeles. We’re proud that our furniture is domestically made with fair labor practices and the utmost attention to environmental impact, quality, and craftsmanship.

Great question! We know that it’s nerve wracking to make a big purchase like a sofa without getting to “test drive” it first. Rest assured that we’ve been designing custom furniture for decades, which means that not only do you get to benefit from our experience, but we have our quality control down pat.  Our team personally puts every item through a rigorous 20-point inspection before it leaves our factory, and nothing ships out that without meeting our high inspection standards.

Our Clad Home showroom is located at 4306 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and is open Monday - Saturday 11-6.

Because Rosa began her career in the field of green architecture and building design she brings those sensibilities with her to furniture design:

*One important aspect of this is keeping our furniture’s carbon footprint as small as possible, which is why it’s made in the USA under ethical and environmental standards rather than overseas with questionable practices and shipped across oceans.

*Our furniture contains no toxic flame retardant chemicals or other chemical additives.

*Our foam is manufactured locally right here in southern California using a special CO2 process that avoids the release of ozone-depleting chemicals.

*None of our fabrics are ever treated with flame retardant chemicals and we even offer some that come with additional Okeo-Tex and Greenguard certifications guaranteeing no harmful chemicals at any point in the dying and manufacturing process.

*All our furniture and frames are made from solid wood rather than off-gassing particle board, recycled steel springs, and the glues, stains, and paints we use are all water-based and zero VOC.

*If you’ve read this far you’ve likely done your research and know that the very highest “green” standard in upholstered furniture uses natural latex foam derived from the sap of the rubber tree. This is significantly more expensive to make (roughly doubling the cost) but we realize that it may be the right choice for people with serious sensitivities and health issues so we’re happy to be able to offer this option and provide a quote upon request.

With a few exceptions, yes. The main thing you need to know about sleeper sofas is that the sleeper mechanism requires extra space to remain hidden within the sofa frame, so your sofa must be a minimum of 40” deep with legs that are 1”-2” tall max. This may change the look of your sofa a bit, but we’re happy to show you the ropes and guide you through the ordering process. Sofas with curved backs are not well-suited to ordering as a sleeper.

Because we’ve carefully curated our fabric selection to include only the most durable and high wearing fabrics in the industry, we can assure you that all of our fabrics will stand up to the wear and tear of real life. Our performance velvets are incredibly easy to care for and impervious to harm, and any of our fabrics that have a heathered/mottled/speckled appearance are brilliant at hiding stains and smudges.

Pilling is not a defect but a process that occurs naturally with some fabrics as they wear in.  Pilling will diminish over time, much like a wool rug may shed fibers at first and then less and less as time passes. The best solution for removing pills is with a sweater or fabric shaver.

All our cushions are fully upholstered on both sides with zip off removable covers so they can be easily flipped and rotated. We suggest rotating your cushions a couple of times a month for even wear, making sure to give them a good “fluffing” when you do so to evenly distribute the fibers and feathers and keep them from settling.  Leather upholstery requires mesh ventilation fabric at the back panel of each cushion where the zipper sits.

All our seat cushions are constructed with high quality hight density foam at their core, encased on all sides in the padding material of your choice:

*Our Premium Foam cushions come wrapped in layers of springy polyester batting. 

*Our Down Feather cushions are encased in a baffled envelope of down and feathers.

*Our Trillium cushions are enveloped in a down-alternative made from specially lofted polyester fiber that mimics the look and feel of down but is hypo-allergenic and animal-free.

We don’t recommend machine washing your cushion covers and suggest instead that you follow the basic cleaning advice listed at the bottom of our Fabrics & Finishes page.

All beds are durably designed with a ¾” plywood mattress platform that is upholstered in a neutral fabric and rests on solid wood slats beneath it.  The platform and slats may either be designed to sit at the top of the side rails so the mattress is supported without the use of a boxspring, or it can be recessed to the bottom of the side rails if you prefer to conceal a boxspring beneath your mattress.


We’ve perfected the process so it’s now as smooth and painless as can be to design your own bespoke custom furniture and never settle for generic box store furniture again.  Check out our easy Ordering Guide for an inside look at our seamless process.

Lead time for our website furniture collection is 7-8 weeks plus a few days for delivery and transit. Highly customized furniture that we design with you from scratch may take more like 8-10 weeks.

Yes we keep a selection of furniture in our store to be purchased off the floor.  Please email us for inventory and assistance.

Yes we will happily send you a swatch kit with 5 free swatches of your choosing! Just make your selection from our fabric page and we’ll ship them right out.

We don’t sell fabric by the yard.  If you need additional yardage you can generally use google to help you find a 3rd party that sells many of our same fabrics by the yard.

Yes we can accommodate COM (customer’s own material) orders.  Please inquire first for yardage requirements.

We can certainly make you a slipcovered sofa of our own design but we not make slipcovers for furniture already in your possession. We just wouldn’t be able to get the fit up to our high standards.

Orders shipped within California will be charged sales tax.  Order shipped out of state are not subject to sales tax.

Yes please register for our Trade Program here.

In some cases we may be able to rush an order or offer to expedite it for an additional fee.  It all depends on our queue at time of purchase. Please email us for assistance.

Shipping, Delivery, Returns

Yes legs and wood bases can be unscrewed from sofa frames to help facilitate delivery into tight spaces. Customer is responsible for ensuring that all furniture fits through doorways, corridors, elevator cabins, etc. 

Once your completed order has passed inspection you’ll be contacted by our shipping coordinator to schedule your delivery. Deliveries cannot be delayed or a $50 weekly storage fee will apply.

Currently we ship to the lower 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Yes we will group all your items into one shipment.

Beds will be shipped unassembled as headboard, footboard, side rails, platform, and slats. Free delivery is curbside only.  In some cases (depending on the policy of the freight carrier) assembly may be available at an extra cost. Please inquire.

Sorry but we are not able to remove your existing furniture.

Every item passes our rigorous 20-point inspection before it leaves our factory.  Long-distance deliveries MUST be thoroughly unwrapped and inspected by the receiver before signing off on any delivery papers or allowing the driver to leave.  Any transit damage discovered after the fact and not noted in writing on the bill of lading may preclude a damage claim. While transit damage may sometimes occur, proper documentation is critical in helping us file a damage claim on your behalf.  We will always work with you to correct the issues and make any necessary repairs.

Clad Home warranties our furniture to be free from manufacturing defects for 5 years from date of purchase, though we believe you will cohabitate happily with your Clad Home furniture for much longer than that. Our Limited Furniture Warranty includes structural damages, but not damages from use. Modifications made to the structure by the customer waives this guarantee. 

Clad Home reserves the right to, at our sole discretion, repair or replace your furniture, send a third party to your home for inspection and/or repair, have your furniture transported to a third party location for inspection and/or repair, or ship or courier parts to you for minor repairs that may be completed by the customer.  Replacements may be provided in a fabric or finish different from the furniture you originally purchased, depending on fabric and finish availability at the time of replacement.

This Limited Warranty does not cover the following:

*Comfort or style preference.

*Defects or damage resulting from negligence, misuse, accidents, or abnormal use including but not limited to, dents, nicks, stains or disassembly services.

*A normal softening and flattening of the cushion foam and fibers, which is considered normal wear, not a defect.

*Pilling or shedding fabric which is a normal part of the wearing-in process, not a defect.

*Finishes and stains applied to wood surfaces, which will always require special care to be maintained.

*Replacement of any non-defective pieces of furniture (for example, if you purchase furniture with multiple components and only one component is defective, then we will only replace the defective component).

*Re-sold items. Warranty is applicable to the original owner and original delivery address only.

*Any Furniture sold by resellers who are not authorized retailers.  

*Any furniture that has been modified from its original state including installation of third party legs or fabric, and alteration to the structure and/or material of the furniture. 

*Commercial use.  Warranty applies only to furniture used for normal residential purposes.

*"As is” condition products sold “second hand” or as “floor samples.